Friday, April 15, 2016

Ophir Canyon

Ophir Canyon is a short drive from Salt Lake City.  You can get to Ophir Utah by heading south from Tooele on Highway 36. Take a left on Highway 73. Follow the signs.
You can also get there by taking Highway 73 west from Lehi in Utah County. Lehi is 18 miles south of the I-215/I-15 interchange in Salt Lake City.

Gold was discovered in the canyon in the 1860s.  The name Ophir comes from the biblical Ophir, where King Solomon brought back gold to Isreal.

Sulfur and Copper are very noticeable in the mine tailings.  Lead, 
Silver and Zinc were the main minerals recovered.  Very little 
Gold was mined.

There are many diversions just off the main road.
A hillside of tailings provided many treasures for the kids to bring home.
It's lose rock so make sure they're careful and wearing appropriate
footwear.  They'll be covered in a rust colored dust in minutes.

The population of Ophir is about 40.  Over the years the
number of inhabitants has risen and fallen, mostly fallen.

Reminders of the Mining history of Ophir Canyon abound. Ophir Utah is a great example of a living ghost town. There are still a few old buildings lining the streets. There are some new homes. A few new cabins. And places to camp further up the canyon.

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